Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rodrigo and Sergio's BIG adventure - Jericoacoara(Windsurfer's 'Bucket' List)

There’re few places that any self-respecting windsurfer should put on his/hers ‘bucket’ list to visit, and Jericoacoara, Brazil (Jeri) has to make it into top 5…. With air/water temperatures in 80’s , average winds in high 20th every freaking day, all you need is 1 board+1 sail +1 harness, no wet suite, that’s what most local windsurfers have there, board in 70-90l range and sail 4-5m2, depending in their preference to wave or freestyle.

Rigo and I with an entourage arrived into picturesque Jeri mid day, checked into the hotel and walked whole 1.5 blocks to Vela Windsurfing Resort (Club Ventos). It’s a well run place with plenty of latest toys, two things to bitch if one “had to”: Masts are SDM 30% carbon that make sails feel heavier and not as rangy, it’s like putting VW engine into Porsche. The other issue, they glue heavy nose pads to the boards, making them un-balanced in the air, etc... There’re rumors that center is planning to remedy both situations, let’s hope for other visitor’s sake. Conditions in Jeri are very challenging, wind is strong, a bit gusty, off shore with waves close to the beach and big mushy chop and swell on the outside, so bring your ‘A’ game. First couple of days Rigo and I felt like we’re newbies in the sport, but after getting acclimated things got much better. One thing about Jeri is consistency; every day it’s blowing hard, my board selection was from 68-92L, sails 3.6-4.5 m2.

Sand dunes, tropics, sea and a very laidback lifestyle in Jeri make it a very unique place, were you play hard during the day and party till 5 a.m...

Few off bit suggestions if you’re planning to visit:
1. Watch out for rocks during high tide (your feet will thank you!)
2. Most people only speak Portuguese, so learn few words and be prepared to communicated in silent language
3. Bring your own gear if you have and can arrange it easy enough
last leg of the trip to Jeri via 4x4

windsurfing action

Sunset at Jeri (Rigo and Liz)

View from the sand dune at the sunset

our hotel

two of Miami's best:)

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